ASUCD Entertainment Council takes over the Mondavi Center with a stellar performance by Brooklyn based Indie rock band, Beach Fossils. The show, titled Petrichor, was opened by UC Davis student self-produced, singer, and composer Bianca Ocampo and her band Urbanation. The term “petrichor” symbolizes the pleasant aroma that often accompanies the first rain after a long dry period. Beach Fossils was Entertainment Council’s very own rainy welcome. Both Beach Fossils and Urbanation embodied the essence of petrichor and spread not only positivity, but a groovy vibe with their individual unique sound.

Fans from neighboring areas including Chico, Stockton, Sacramento, and even San Francisco, joined together at the Mondavi Center to enjoy the wide range of music Beach Fossils came to offer. Before the performance, people seemed slightly confused by the seating arrangement of the Mondavi Center, as many were expecting a typical General Admission show. However, that did not stop fans from raging and moshing until the very end of the show.

Urbanation kicked off Petrichor with a taste of their old and new hit songs, but it was Bianca Ocampo’s song about the stress she experiences at UC Davis that hit especially close to home for many in the audience. Beach Fossils brought a mix of old and new songs, uplifted the atmosphere with their comedic personalities, and tied it all together at the end by spreading a positive message. They also paused and took a brief break from their set to wish their drummer, Anton Hochheim, a happy birthday with massive support from their loving fans. At the end of the show, the band said farewell to their fans, but the audience called for extra time. Beach Fossils delivered once again and overplayed their set by fifteen minutes, providing the audience with something that had never been done at any of their live tours. Guitarist Tommy Davidson took the microphone and serenaded the audience with a taste of heavy metal music that the audience absolutely loved. At the end of their extended set, Beach Fossils brought out Urbanation and performed a classic cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

After the show, one fan said “it was one of the best concerts she had ever been to.” Another claimed that her previous experiences with Beach Fossils paled in comparison to their performance at Petrichor. Overall, Petrichor was an incredible success and none of it would have been possible without the ASUCD Entertainment Council and the Mondavi Center. 

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